Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two Broke Girls and Those Cupcake Stories

Love Two Broke Girls! As the big fan of 2 broke girls, I love Max and Caroline so much, including their horse and of course, those funny sexy jokes. Well, this is today's prologue, and then I am going to start today's topic - Cupcakes.

Then I started to search cupcakes everywhere, then I found cupcakes were so wonderful, and I can't stop sharing them!

It's chocolate beer batter cupcakes with maple bacon frosting! It's more pretty than the one made by Max, I want to take the first bite!

There are also many lovely ones appearing on Pinterest or other places which really very very glorious and delicious. Let's see what I got.

I also find something about Christmas, they are funny!

Also, there are lots of wedding cupcakes which appears gorgeous!

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